About Us

It was over ten years ago, in 2008 that I started working in a clothing store – one of three part-time jobs I was juggling at the time. I didn’t have a particular interest in fashion but as a “people person”, I loved interacting with the customers and it really started out as just selling the clothes. Then one day a customer came in, looking for something for a particular occasion. She was clearly weighed down by the circumstances. We worked together to find the right items and the right fit and when she came out of the change room, it was like she’d grown two inches. And that was the moment when I understood what it was really all about – that finding good quality clothes that fit could be a truly uplifting experience – for the customer and for myself.

I went on to work at a full-time job, until the opportunity to purchase this clothing store came up. The time was right for me to get back to interacting with people directly, so I jumped at the opportunity. In September 2017, the past owner retired and passed the torch on to me to carry on her legacy of high quality fashions and exceptional customer service!

I hope my customers will continue to find the experience of shopping at Shirley’s Boutique to be fun and engaging – like stopping by for a visit with an old friend who just happens to have a great big closet full of clothes in just her size.

I’ve had great support from family and friends, and I’m so proud to be able to show my boys that with determination, persistence and gratitude, it’s possible for a single mom to buy a home and also buy and build a business. It was a giant leap of faith and I’m grateful for whatever the future brings.